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360° BOLT 


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Avoid costly delays traditionally associated with on-site misalignment issues.
Welcome to 360˚ Bolt, a new and innovative product developed for the steel frame construction industry to eliminate common installation errors traditionally involved with hold down bolt systems. No longer will minor misalignments in 'as-built' holding down [HD] bolts cause costly and time consuming delays in steel erection.

The 360˚ Bolt system allows up to 30mm of movement in the holding down bolts through a patented swivel design enclosed in the base of the product.

360˚ Bolt has been designed in accordance with relative Australian Standards and tested in NATA approved testing laboratories revealing that 360˚ Bolt holding down bolts don't even yield at the HD bolts' ultimate capacity!

The construction industry has waited long enough: 
360° Bolt is now here. 

It's structurally sound, it's safe and it could save your next construction project tens of thousands of dollars in additional operational costs.

Call us now and let us help you to save valuable time and money on your next construction project!
about bolt
allows up to 30mm movement in the baseplate
from the original cast in position